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Somerset, le concept bike fixie pliable et design !

kaiser chang's somerset frame acts as a slide rail, allowing the front fork to slide down to transform to a hand cart for quick transportation needs.

bike-wheel-light-system.  Oh my goodness.  I was thinking that this would be safer as it gets motorists' attention, but then I was thinking maybe they'd swerve off the road.

Bike Wheel Light System Lets You Design Your Own Wheel Graphics

Now you can make an artistic statement while out on your daily bike ride with the Monkey Light Pro by MonkeyLectric, which is a Kickstarter campaign thats a bicycle wheel display system.

mukiika-hand-powered-trike-004.jpg Re: Bikes for the disabled on Core77.

CanUgan x Mukiika: Turning Old Bicycles into Hand-Powered Trikes for the Disabled -

IFMove 20" Folding Bike  //

Its quick folding mechanism places the wheels together so it can be rolled around with one hand.

Can Mokumono Make Dutch Bikes More Modern? - Core77

Modern Dutch Bicycles by Mokumono: Bike frame welded from aviation-quality aluminium.

커스텀 메이드 미니벨로 우드 프레임 제작 과정 비싼 부품이.... 중요하다고 생각하진 않기에 별다른 고민 ...

커스텀 메이드 미니벨로 우드 프레임 제작 과정 비싼 부품이.... 중요하다고 생각하진 않기에 별다른 고민 ...

Bicycles have evolved quite a lot since the 19th century. The features, the technology, the comfort and ease of use in today's bicycle are solid proof science is progressing each day.   Sure, to some the bicycle is still a metal frame between two wheels powered by pedalling, but the technology in design and production is evident.   The next 22 bicycles are the epiphany of bicycle designs, but enough words. Let the imagery speak for themselves.

22 Stunning Bicycle Designs

This spokeless bike folds down to the size of an umbrella http://wapo.st/1hS5Zxf  pic.twitter.com/LeQ4y1nUoD

Washington Post on

Evolution of Halfbike 2

Kolelinia is raising funds for Halfbike II on Kickstarter! Halfbike - a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move.

The Mando Footloose is the worlds first chainless electric, folding bike. €5,000 There is a pedal alternator to generate electricity from pedalling, an in-frame battery and automatically geared motor are placed in series to create a new way of cycling. Free from gears and chains, the bike takes off quickly as you cycle, and moves as you move. Incredibly, all of this is fitted into a sculpted aluminium chassis that houses the battery and intelligent integrated computer.

World’s first Chainless folding electric bike

30 Innovatively Creative Bicycle Designs

foldable Velorian trike - recumbant bicycle designed by Mantas Palaima