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Things can heat up when you're eating Doritos chips whether it's during a double arm wrestling match, a ride on a grizzly bear or at a tattoo parlor. It's time for you to be the hero.

Doritos TV Commercial, 'Double Arm Wrestling' Song by Bonnie Tyler

Si hay algo que crea expectación durante la retrasmisión de uno de los eventos deportivos más importante de Estados Unidos son los anuncios publicitarios que

Doritos Commercial 2015 Crash the Super Bowl, Dog Dreams

This particular picture is a screen shot from a Super Bowl commercial. The picture illustrates a man eating while the woman holds a child as she sleeps. This particular pictures relates to our group’s topic because it illustrates the stereotypical gender roles we see in society. Rather than the man care for the child, the woman does.

Doritos is known for having some of the best advertisements every year for the Super Bowl. In this year's otherwise boring advertisements, Doritos was a bright spot.

doritos time machine | doritos-time-machine-super-bowl-commercial-2014.jpg

Hilarious commercial that's now a finalist in Doritos' annual Super Bowl contest

It's down to two contestants for the spelling bee. First prize gets a full-ride to college and second prize is Doritos. They're both trying to take a dive but the girl plays dirty by letting out a stinky fart to go home with the Doritos. Vote for your favorite Crash the Super Bowl spot to see it during Super Bowl XLIX.

Doritos: 2015 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist, 'Mis-Spelling Bee'

It's hard enough dealing with a regular child, but a man-child? This guy is only happy when he's got Doritos in-hand and throws quite the temper tantrum when his mom withholds. Wait, not mom...wife. Vote for your favorite Crash the Super Bowl finalist to see it play during Super Bowl XLIX.

Doritos: 2015 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist, 'Doritos Manchild'

A group of friends are eating some Jack Link's Beef Jerky when they spot Sasquatch on the beach. They decide to mess with him and cleverly dig a hole in the sand, put a beach blanket over it and lure him in with a big sub sandwich that they place on the blanket. An oblivious Sasquatch comes over to claim the sandwich, but he realizes he's been duped as he falls in the underlying beach hole. The plan backfires though, because he pulls the two guys down into the sand with him.

Jack Link's Beef Jerky TV Commercial, 'Messin' with Sasquatch: Beach Hole'