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Norika - Beauty' My spirit celebrates humanity. My spirit shines in a baby's first smile, in the laughter of children, & in the eyes of those we love. It is found in a face that bears the signature of the 1000 smiles & 1000 tears of many well lived years.

Kimmidoll™ Amika - "Love"

✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Amika" 'Love' ✿ "My spirit embraces and believes. By always seeking to embrace others just as they are; by cherishing and believing in their unique potential and precious humanity, you live my loving spirit.

✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Ryoko" 'Elegant' ✿ "My spirit is gracious and refined. Your refined elegance emulates my spirit. By valuing the simple and enduring things in life, and nurturing within yourself both grace and refinement, may you live an elegant life."

✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Ryoko" 'Elegant' ✿ "My spirit is gracious and…

The Modern GEISHA ✿ :: Kokeshi Inspired Kimmidoll in Pink - by Sandrine 84

Kimmidoll™ Etsumi - 'Delight' - "My spirit is joyful and playful. You release my spirit by approaching life with a sense of fun and excitement. Let your playful spirit bring joy and happiness into your own life and the lives of all those around you.