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Meet the art of Mingjue Helen Chen, Vis Dev artist at Disney who's recently worked on Wreck-it-Ralph, Paperman and Frankenweenie

Frozen Concept Art

The sketches of Jin Kim, the pencils are too. Walt Disney Animation Studios has released concept art and character visual development art for Frozen.

Artes de One Day, curta de graduação para a Gobelins | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

One Day by Thomas Reteuna

Rohb -

graphicla: “ this weeks Graphic LA entry. these are getting more abstract in that while the shapes are based on reality, i’m pushing them farther than what’s in front of me. this approach, i have to say , is a lot of FUN!

Environment Studies by

Had a great deal of fun with these thumbnails- good ol' black and white to improve Environment Studies