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Poem Movie: 13. Another love story.

Another love story. If the dazzling sun shines again, once more for me in the sky, I will sing for you, the great love story. If the hot flames of life s.

Poem Movie: 8. To erase my memory.

To erase my memory. Time, it is going to erase my memory. You look blurry in front of me. Perhaps, I will not be able to see you any more, if the time pas.

Poem Movie: 12. A sad flower.

A sad flower. Waiting to become a flower. Being a story not said to finish. Being a pearl love story rolling with dew. In the fragrance you called me Aga.

Poem Movie: 9. We were good in the dream.

We were good in the dream. We were good in the dream. At that time we were together. We were good in the dream. At tha.

poesia film cortometraggio: 5. Sì, è lei.

I was just a man who passed you away. You were always thinking for another person even though to meet me.