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Kingdom Come is an American horror movie that failed. Director and co-writer Greg A. Sager (The Devil in Me Willful Entrapment…

Virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals to zombies...

Movie info : When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo anima.

Roger Corman’s Sharktopus Vs Pteracuda,

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Pteracuda aired on August starring Robert Carradine and Akari Endo; directed by Kevin O'Neill. A scientist creates a half-pterodactyl, half-barracuda creature which escapes and has to do battle with Sharktopus.

12 Best Asian Horror Films Youve Never Heard Of

I believe most of you have already come across an article with a similar title by I commend him for coming up with a great list of overlooked Asian

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Directed by Frank Darabont.  With Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher. A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.

The Mist (2007)

"The Mist" / Director: Frank Darabont / Writers: Frank Darabont (screenplay), Stephen King (novel) / Stars: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden

1986. Tawny Kitaen - Stephen Nichols

Directed by Kevin Tenney. With Todd Allen, Tawny Kitaen, Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite. Friends playing with an Ouija board at a late-night party unleash a demonic spirit who begins hunting them.

"Pulse" AKA "Kairo" > 2001 > Directed by: Kiyoshi Kurosawa > Horror / Mystery / Thriller / Psychological Thriller / Psychological Horror

Kairo (2001)

Pulse (Kairo) - Far scarier than it's American remake, Kairo is a relatively dull movie in my opinion, but there are a few moments that are unbearably eerie which makes this worth the watch (just!

Paranormal Alley: A Collection of Short-Stories of the Paranormal and Horror by [Leishman, Chris, Leishman, Grant]

Paranormal Alley THE CAR: A Short-Story By: Chris Leishman It started, oddly enough, with the start of an engine. That’s how it began;

Gitaskog 2015 full Movie HD Free Download DVDrip

‘Five friends, three days, one creature … No chance’ Creature Lake aka Gitaskog is a 2015 Canadian horror film produced and directed by Drazen Baric from a screenplay by Damien Sl…