Starflood, Inundación de estrellas. Artista: André Jolicoeur. Enlazado de Heidinote: what spills in from your souls window?

It was late, I couldn't sleep. Slowly I noticed that the moon,the stars and the night sky had slowly dripped and flowed into my room. It gave me comfort to be surrounded by such infinity.

dibujo    Aww...reminds me of my insane doodle days where I did nothing but cross hatching.  What happened to that, I wonder?

A print of one of my pen and ink drawings. Comes as a high quality print on matte paper Signed and packaged in an acid free sealed sleeve. Reach for the stars.

so dreamy

Sea meets sky - I love this one, have wanted to get it as a case for my phone for forever.

De-Programming. This is what it's like in my head everyday. I can only imagine what a REAL MK victim goes through when De-Programming. Artist: Elisa Ancori

Elisa Ancori (Barcelona, Spain) - Jellyfish II from Metamorfish, 2014 Drawings: Pencils

Goldfish Rain

Goldfish Rain

The effectiveness of simple lines & shapes: it's all in how you use them.

Paul Thurlby's Retro Illustrations