I have loved the stars too fondly  to be fearful of the night

Sweet dreams, stars and moonbeams, Original mixed media art print, modern art…

Conversations with  the Moon XIIII.  This would look so cute in a little boy's room!

Conversations with the Moon' - by Mariann Johansen-Ellis (acrylic on canvas, metal foil added) -- (art, illustrations)

Pinner says: Drawings of the moon by Galileo Galilei, January 7, 1610    Funny this was on my newsfeed. I just saw an AMAZING lecture last night by Lynda Barry and she showed these images.

Sketches of the moon from Galileo Galilei’s “Sidereus Nuncius” a short treatise on Galileo’s early observations of the Moon, the stars, and the moons of Jupiter

Moon Illustration, My Girl, Sweet Dreams, Imagines, The Moon, Gold, Originals, My Daughter


Anime picture with original yuukichi girl long hair single tall image eyes closed star (stars) crescent d.