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Pojagi (Korean patchwork) used in a dress. The patches are held together by a fine overcast seam

Leonie Castelino is another textile artist who incorporates pojagi as well as other East Asian textile processes into her reprertoire. I highly recommend a visit to her web-gallery as another source of pojagi inspiration.

sketch of piecing diagram for pojagi, by Jessica thistlethwaite

sketch of piecing diagram for pojagi, by Jessica thistlethwaite

Debra Smith, Making Visible #8 2013, Pieced vintage silk

Making Visible #8

Debra Smith Making Visible 2013 pieced vintage silk 25 x 19 in

Table basse palette tuto

Table Basse Palette : TOP 69 des Idées les Plus Originales en 2018 !

A DIY coffee table is a great DIY project to tie in your rustic home decor. These coffee table ideas include upcycling projects, mod podge crafts, & pallets

이번 보그 8월호는 여러 한복디자이너 선생님들의 작품과 10명의 아티스트들의 함께 만든 멋진 화보가 나왔...

Vogue Korea August 2012 Issue Editorial: “Fashion into Art” Photographer: Kang Hyea Won Stylist: Seo Young Hee


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Loomfly: Korean patchwork/jogakbo "Each patch and stitch added by the maker was like a prayer of good will that would enfold and carry the gift. Women adapted chogak po for clothing, sometimes combined with quilting, to "wrap" and dress their loved ones. Many surviving patchwork wrapping cloths from the Chosŏn period have never been used, attesting to their preservation as reminders of the affection and blessing of their maker."

Loomfly: Korean patchwork/jogakbo Hanbok made out of traditional Korean patchwork.