How to draw a car in perspective from top view

How to Draw a Car in Perspective from Top View

Car sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove

Car Sketch Tutorials by Luciano Bove

In order to start drawing cars, we must start from the drawing fundamental rules. We must understand them to draw a car correctly inside view and perspective.

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a car tutorial this is mainly about the manner to do it, the lines aren't all correct (just got bored doing everything 4 times I guess ) car perspective tutorial

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Dynamic pg layout // Sketching: transport, concept car, fast sketches, BMW by Jean-Thomas MAYER, via Behance

Maserati Alfieri Concept - Design Sketch

A set of design sketches and an official video on the Maserati Alfieri Concept, with comments and insights by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Marco Tencone and Giovanni Ribotta, designers at Maserati Centro Stile.