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Bayou Foxes Somali kittens available

Bayou Foxes Somali kittens available

Somali Cat, I just cannot get over their tails. Ahh so gorgeous.

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Somali cats - i love cats and its one of my favorite animal. this is kind of Somali cat as you see it is cute.

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Find out about the Somali cat breed. This is a semi long haired version of the Abyssinian cat breed.

Foxfang ( open),tom. I'm Foxfang, one of the greatest warriors of Sunclan. Have a son, Bramblepaw, and a mate, Braveheart.

This is OwlFlight, daughter of BirdSong (StarClan) and Pyre (Rogue). Her brother is Joey, who became a kittypet when BirdSong died. She is grumpy and sarcastic, and has a short temper. She is 14 moons old.

Somali Cat- so pretty!!

The Somali is a cat breed created from long-haired Abyssinian cats. The breed appeared in the from Abyssinian breeding programs when a number of Abyssinian kittens were born with bottle-brush tails and long fluffy coats. Abyssinians and Somalis share