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Get your Seasonal Color ID

Seasonal Color ID. If you want to look your best know your color chart

Do you know your best colors? It really does make a difference if you wear the colors that work best for YOU. I'm a winter colors person. [MissusSmartyPants can help YOU finally know your best colors!

soft autumn color palette  Conhecer a paleta de cores que corresponder à nossa tez é meio caminho andado para escolher roupa que fica bem! :)

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

True / cool summer colour palette.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

the Light Summer palette. It took me a while to figure it out, but with my medium blonde hair, green/blue/gray eyes and veins in my wrists that are both green and blue, summer colors work wonders on my complexion.

Light Autumn Soft tonal palette to face. Basic orientation. Near the face (exactly under the face) choose light warm to neutral tones, lightly softened. To this colours add the other ones from the second pallette for easy combination. Light Autumn Soft and Soft Autumn are two types, two palettes created from former Soft Autumn colour type. Light Autumn is the lightest part of soft autumn colours. First characteristic is LIGHT, then LIGHTLY SOFTENED.

Light Autumn Soft tonal palette to face. Near the face ( exactly under the face) choose the lightest autumn colours, warm tones and neutral light tones. To this colours add the other ones from the second pallette for easy combination. All the palet

Today is my second day of my mini-series focused on styling colors.  Yesterday I shared my tips for styling  wine  and today I'm focusing on...

My New Favorite Outfit: What to Wear With Mustard--this gives me some new ideas for a couple of mustard colored tops I have.

Cool Winter Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Cool Winter Seasonal Color Palette

Go to: Tinted Winter Main Page > Cool Winter Color Palette (Tinted Winter) Here is your tinted winter color palette (aka cool winter color…