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Pablo Picasso , Spanish 1881- 1973

Picasso at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. About Célestine, Conferring in the Ga rden with Young Bachus, Eching

Pablo Picasso - The Bull (State III-VI), 1945 studies depict Picasso's Spanish heritage just a few years after his exile from Spain.

Pablo Picasso deconstructs an image of a cow, using his cubist style in order to deconstruct the shapes into simpler forms to re-construct a different style of cow imagery.

Pablo Picasso - Illustrations for racy Ancient Greek Comedy, 1934

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Pablo Picasso - Jacqueline (Drawing), 1956

PABLO PICASSO - "Portrait de Jacqueline" (On extended loan to the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York, New Paltz, NY.) Collection of Ken Ratner. Loaned in loving memory of his brother, Robert Ratner.

Pablo Picasso sus ultimas pinturas (1965-1973)

Pablo Picasso sus ultimas pinturas (1965-1973)

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Picador et femme, 8 June 1960. Pen and brush and India ink and wash on paper, 66 x 51 cm.

blastedheath: “ Pablo Picasso (Spanish, Picador et femme, 8 June Pen and brush and India ink and wash on paper, 66 x 51 cm.

He understood the power of the media, the power of public relations as a branding application. And, he understood that successful public relations is the art of getting the media to tell your story as well as, if not better than, you’d tell it yourself.

What Picasso Knew: Branding Tips For Artists From An Art Basel Insider

About Pablo Picasso: Pablo Ruiz Picasso, often referred to simply as Picasso, was a Spanish painter and sculptor. His full name is Pablo Diego José Franc.