Their clothing serves a utility like purpose. Not worn for style but convenience

Tenebris Choro

Tenebris Choro / cyber / industrial / urban sci fi / black / dark future / dystopia for women / shaved head

Post Apocalyptic

Outfits and Looks, Ideas & Inspiration Ellen Page - Concept art alternate costumes of Kitty Pryde in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

AITOR THROUP, NEW OBJECT RESEARCH 2013: casual accessories for the apocalypse.:

Aitor Throup . New Object Research 2013

this outfit won't work, because it'll be too hot but pinning it because i loveeeeee the look

Is the Backpack Becoming The New Briefcase?

Fashion editorial: Bruna Tenorio by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil June 2010 - think desert fashion, mountain treks in brown and sandy colours.

Demobaza, dystopian fashion. I looked at this initially and thought...Ooo awesome parkour outfit, 'cause I'd look like an urban ninja... but then I realized I'd just strangle myself on all the extra material and boots like that would twist my ankle after the first serious drop... never mind balancing. Ah well, I still like the look.

Post-apocalypse fashion /post-apocalyptic clothing / wear / dystopian / women's fashion/ looks / style / female / all-black

I am inspired by roses and the elegant fashion of Victorian England. Roses are my favorite flower which represent beauty in the world and romance, to which I classify myself as a hopeless romantic. Victorian England fashion is elegant and appealing to the human eye. Plus I have acted in a couple of shows where Victorian fashion was prominent and it was interesting and neat to portray those styles.

Victorian rose cameo filigree gothic adjustable ring

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