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Looks like a blonde Levi Ackerman XD Tags: Wallpaper, Haikyuu!, Haiba Lev, Pixiv Id 3430816

Shigino KIsumi #ad

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Igran from the webtoon Flow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ //I thought It was Kisumi from Free!



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LMAOOO SUGA NO (remember haikyuu stage play tho, that ass slap? Lmao Suga would totally do this xD )

"and get us to fuck suga" motivational (remember haikyuu stage play tho, that ass slap? Lmao Suga would totally do this )

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Haikyuu!! (Durarara Parody) by Mcgooen on DeviantArt

Omg someone needs to make this again, but with ALL of Haikyuu characters! The picture would be SUPER LONG lolol /// haikyuu anime volleyball karasuno

Kuro: omggggggggggggg K,Kenma Kenmaaaaaaaaaaaa receive my telepath quick, come qickly and take a photo of this! Kenma: It feels like Kuro is sending an SOS. But I'm gonna ignore it since I dont want to.

i pin one thing of lev and now he is literally everywhere on my home page. im blessed.

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