Dwarves, The Drüün

Master Feng Zhu

Diablo 3 Class War - Monk Another mostly melee warrior-esque class, the Monk uses martial arts and is a Holy Warrior of the Light.

Diablo 3. . . the Barbarian.  Strong.  Courageous, but sluggish. If I know you friend me. bojingles#1621 with who you are.

Character Classes - Diablo III: Diablo III features six different Character Classes, and one additional class from the Reaper of Souls expansion. The Barbarian is the only class th.

Vindictus Concept art - Kai

armor style lead for the forest monster, armor type and inspiration and texture with helmet

Orc guerrière

Amiri by Wayne Renolyds. The barbarian "Iconic" character for Pathfinder. Iconic characters in Pathfinder illustrate the hows and whys of class to players both new and old, along with having their own place in the setting.