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당신을 움찔하게 하는 냉정한 명언 13선 http://www.wikitree.co.kr/190566

Romanie, somn usor si sa ai soarta pe care o meriti pana te vei trezi…


Society Of The Dead: Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World.Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives.

We depend on different sources of media to gratify various needs in our lives. The users needs will determine which media they utilize and how much they depend on it.

20 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

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This is another poster bring awareness to cyber bullying. It also uses a limited color pallet and minimal design to make it appealing to they eye.

Rich baby vs poor boy

Sadly the children of the United States and the poor children of other countries and this is the reality