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트위터의 취향을 묻힌 립스틱 님: "이거 빼박 남녀쌍둥이ㄹ로 연성하라고 나온거 아님?;; 존예;; https://t.co/uk1qNIoGRh"

취향을 묻힌 립스틱 on

“ Narcissus Zimri series pre-order - vest and neck bow, high waist skirt, trousers, buttcape ”

(3) 좋아요 | Tumblr

(3) 좋아요 | Tumblr

I whisper poetry to myself.

Green steampunk dress-A lovely style, high-waisted, half-corset dress that can be worn over shirt and with suspenders.

☮JAPANESE STREET FASHiON☮••• classic lolita ~ dress ~ lace ~ bonnet ~ roses ~ cute ~ kawaii

☮JAPANESE STREET FASHiON☮••• classic lolita ~ dress ~ lace ~ bonnet ~ roses ~ cute ~ kawaii


Steampunk Little Red Riding Hood Inspired Steampunk. Photo: teampunktendencies: Little red riding hood steampunk dress by My Oppa

New Wardrobe plan. Embrace who you really are. #goth

I didn't even know there was such a thing as Steampunk Fashion but I like it. The middle one is my fave. And I am going to call the middle one as lolita steampunk.

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Sky Pirate costume- skirt and skirt wrap would be an easy make. So would the belt. Have pattern for the different corsets. Or forget costume: just wear this when you don't want anyone to mess with you. Like an audition. Or the DMV.

Black Victorian Choker Necklace with gray glass by Vilindery

Black Victorian Collar with gray glass crystal, wings and jabot - Gothic Lolita, Goth Wedding Choker, Victorian fantasy, Romantic Vampire

Peacock Pirate Coat (without sleeves)

Steampunk Pirate for women inspiration Cosplay Photo: lolesandra. Peacock Pirate Coat (without sleeves) from Store - Damsel in this Dress


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