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#kimjongin #kai #jongin #nini #คิมจงอิน #ไค #หมี #김총인 #카이

#kimjongin #kai #jongin #nini #คิมจงอิน #ไค #หมี #김총인 #카이


Luhan for Harper’s Bazaar Men July 16 Cover ❤

171217 The special winter album 'Universe' - IMG Teaser: D. x Chen

171217 The special winter album 'Universe' - IMG Teaser: Baekhyun x Chanyeol

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Awwwwwwww Squishy Kyungsoo and giants Minho and Kris ^^ this is exactly how I feel when standing behind someone tall and I'm trying to peek

¡Haz recibido un Snap de @Baekhyunnie_06!Mantén pulsado para ver

Snapchat 👻 KaiSoo/KaDi - 014

OMG KAISOO in sync .<-----in sync more like nsync they're in a freaking boy band of course they're in sync ;

Ugh ❤️

Ugh ❤️

Sehun, Kai and Chen. Chen is an actual baby omg where did you get that face Chen EXO Dear Happiness photobook 2016

Ele ficou ótimo com esse oclinhos

170910 [FROM KAI] EXO-L Website Update “ Did you all watch today’s performance well? Today as well, I hope you guys will gain strength after watching it :) EXO-Ls who I always miss, let’s always be.


Someone come pick me up off of the floor, I have died.