Graffiti in Amsterdam

A great collection of amazing, creative and brilliant graffiti artworks. All pictures are worth seeing! Graffiti art Amsterdam 5 by ShiratskiGrafiti, Granada, España by PaulGreenGr…

Street Art  My favourite piece of Street Art in Wynwood. All freestyle. Gorgeous.

Amazing street art

Street Art

The 40 Best Examples Of Street Art In 2013

Democracy should be a matter of choice.  Corporatism is not.  And we cannot rely on our education system or media to learn us the difference - TRAP - The Real Art of Protest

15 Captivating Works Of Art That Challenge The McDonaldization Of Society

Pencil of Doom

Street art in San Francisco --- So awesome! I need to go to San Francisco and see all this awesome art!

Grafity shop

The Globetrotting Street Art of Julien Malland

*street-art-by-berlin-based-art* Lasst uns die Städte verschönern!

Ventura Lambrate 2013 // Best of Milan Design Week.

German Mentalgassi creative group of artists from Berlin. Specializes in street art. Above clever examples are photos of public recycling bins, ticket validating machines, and public walls.