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Greek Busts, Reskinned For The Digital Age

Джон rafam, новый век требовал, тивное, Lancia trendvisions

jon rafam, new age demanded, ltvs, lancia trendvisions

Jon Rafman New Age Demanded — DOP

Jon Rafman — New Age Demanded

"Inspired by classical Greek busts, Jon Rafman uses computer software to digitally render three-dimensional forms. The forms act as the structural surface on which two-dimensional Internet-sourced images are applied. Rafman uses historically recognizable works from canonized artists like Mark Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky as the subjects of his appropriations."

Artist Jon Rafman uses software to digitally render sculptures and then applies Internet-sourced images to them. The works of many recognizable artists are re-appropriated in this on-going series of work, entitled “New Age Demanded”.

Franz Marc - Abstract Head Sculpture by Jon Rafman

Abstract Head Sculptures by Jon Rafman

Sculptural Art Experimental and abstract head sculptures by artist Jon Rafman.

Jon Rafman lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Rafman’s art explores the paradoxes of modernity by mixing irony, humour, and melancholy.

Naum Gabo Russian) Kinetic Construction (Standing Wave), 1919-20. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, when this work was made, materials were hard to come by. 'It was the height of civil war, hunger and disorder in Russia. To find any part of machinery  “was next to impossible', said Gabo. Originally made to demonstrate the principles of kinetics to his students, it reflects the artist's belief in a sculpture in which space and time were active components.

Naum Gabo ‘Kinetic Construction (Standing Wave)’, replica 1985 The Work of Naum Gabo © Nina & Graham Williams/Tate, London 2014

Naum Gabo  Constructed Head No.2 (conceived c.1916, this version probably executed c.1923)  Ivory Rhodoid, height 43 cm  Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas

Naum Gabo Constructed Head (conceived this version probably executed Ivory Rhodoid, height 43 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas

white - bust - ‘New Age’ -Sculpture - Jon Rafman

Esculturas pós-modernas de Jon Rafman

white - bust - ‘New Age’ -Sculpture - Jon Rafman