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Vintage Fashion: Caroline Reboux, a Parisian fashion designer famous for her beautiful hats, introduced the "cloche hat" in the

Alice Terry 1920's silent film star - beautiful jewels

Her most famous role comes from the movie The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is one of the top 100 silent era movies and stars Rudolph Valentino

greta garbo - Google 검색

Greta Garbo commandeered a idol from my Mother personal style that was classic and entirely her own. She dressed as she wanted to and encased a perfect balance of elegance with comfort and practicality.

josephine baker

Josephine Baker - World famous Jesephine baker aka the “Bronze Venus”, the “Black Pearl”, and the “Créole Goddess; was the first African American to star in a major motion picture.

[1940] Vintage sombrero estilo años 50 :: blog Naver

Sherry Nelms wearing a velvet cartwheel by Dior, photo by Gordon Parks, March 1950

vintage photo---Probably 20's going by the hairstyle and makeup choices. Note the Cupid bow lips and thin arched brows.

Betty Compson, 1897 - American violinist, actress and independent film producer. Acted in at least 50 silent and 24 sound films between

Coco Chanel...Ahhhh the ever present this...three stars***

"Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was a French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. She was the only fashion designer to appear on Time Magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of the century.

철릭원피스, 데일리한복, 캐주얼한복, 일상한복, 생활한복, 퓨전한복, 개량한복

철릭원피스, 데일리한복, 캐주얼한복, 일상한복, 생활한복, 퓨전한복, 개량한복

1920's Sexy & Classic Iconic Flapper Nita by VintageousClassic

Kay Francis in Chanel. In the Coco Chanel almost single-handedly invented Costume Jewelry. Replacing real gemstones with colored glass, and using gold-toned metal and faux pearls, Chanel changed the rules about jewelry and how to wear it.

Vintage clouche hats 1920s-  @Peter Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Lappin . Saw these  thought of you! :)

Who's wearing their Easter Bonnet Sunday! Love these old hats.Used to wear some of them myself lol.