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So I don't have to look it up on line next time I need to see this!

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Oh god here's the feel train coming in. That line "they find solace in each other after society rejects them both," hurts so much and reminds me of so many relationships in Wickerton. The whole story is pretty much a band of outcasts coming together to stop a world that's betrayed and hurt them at every turn from being destroyed. It's sad and beautiful and ultimately moving.

The truth behind Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney film and this person has accurately and eloquently summed up why

Beauty and the Beast.  Think about some of your favorite lines from Disney movies. Incorporate that line into your next poem. writing prompt from http://www.litbridge.com/2012/12/06/disney-themed-creative-writing-prompts/

Can You Finish The Disney Lyrics?

Beauty and the Beast This has always been my ,absolute favorite Disney Princess Movie! I always loved how Belle was smart and pretty, and how she wasnt afraid to be different, and how courageous she was, and how she saw deeper than skin deep!

Iron Maiden - "quitessential" Number of the Beast line up, c. 1982. Left to right: Adrian Smith (guitarist), Clive Burr (drummer, who sadly died in 2013), Bruce Dickinson (singer), Dave Murray (guitarist) and Steve Harris (bass).

Iron Maiden - 1982 - Left to right: Adrian Smith (guitarist), Clive Burr (drummer, who sadly died in Bruce Dickinson (singer), Dave Murray (guitarist) and Steve Harris (bass).

Check out the new TV spot featuring Emma Watson singing as Belle and discover the new movie poster from Beauty and the Beast. #BeOurGuest #BeautyandtheBeast

Beauty and the Beast New TV Spot & Poster #BeOurGuest #BeautyandtheBeast

Okay, my excitement is now in full form. Disney has released this TV spot for Beauty and the Beast, complete with Emma Watson singing. They’ve also released this gorgeous new poster: Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters March

For a fairy tale wedding, draw inspiration from "Beauty and the Beast" with these gorgeous candelabras! | Samuel Lippke Studios

50 Romantic Wedding Ideas That Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

The beast. One of my fav Disney men uh, I mean male characters. haha

art disney beauty and the beast concept art glen keane The Beast disney concept art beauty and the beast concept art

My favorite moment of the movie. His tiny smile is the best. It said so much more than anything of his lines to me.

I like that the film allowed a building of a relationship based on shared likes and humour -rather than proximity and what my husband insists is Stockholm syndrome.