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Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Boy on a bike’ by Ernest Zacharevic. Located at Lebuh Ah Quee, George Town

Penang artist Ernest Zacharevic has been called the Banksy of Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Stunning Street Art: The Coolest Murals and Where to Find Them

Fascinating Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic | Yatzer

Fascinating Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Based in Penang, Malaysia, young Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic describes himself as a fine artist who prefers to work on the street.

by Herakut - Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA (LP)

"O look at the horses and people, How they hurry and trample and fight! That's why I'm gonna be a mermaid when I grow up!" by Herakut, Street Art Utopia.reminds me of others who are going to be mermaids when they grow up :)

Ernest Zacharevic - street artist

street art work by Ernest Zacharevic (aka ZACH), Lithuanian-born Malaysian resident street artist

Street Art #Barcelona En este epoca rosa de Djs contra la fam, dios me habria gustado volver a ver la sirena de #lamono revista

Painting 3 : This street art which is right near where I live, grabbed my attention immediately. The girl in this artwork is very different than most of the other women that I have seen in street art. Instead of being very attractive and risqué, she seems