PASTELS - Madame Peripetie Photography

Constructed Reality by Madame Peripetie - Constructed Reality by Madame Peripetie, a photographer based in London, England, is an aptly titled photo series. It reconstructs normal situation.

Mod pop art fashion for Foam Magazine's Jan/Feb issue

Chloe in Pop Rocks by JUCO for FOAM Magazine. Sets by Erin D. Garcia, styling by Jill Lincoln, hair by Christian Marc and makeup by Carola Gonzalez.

Cotton Candy Editorials : Diliana Florentin

Cotton Candy Editorials

Diliana Florentin - Diliana Florentin captures a cotton candy wonderland in her latest photo series, ‘In the Pink Moonlight.

nice Art Direction & Photography by Paul&Martin | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Art Direction & Photography by Paul&Martin

Striking images produced by Paris-based studio PaulMartin. More photography inspiration via Behance

Model dogs, pastel

Olivka Chrobot by Troyt Coburn for Marie Claire Australia Stylist: Kate Harrowsmith Maltese adoration!walking the Dogs.

Bright Rainbow Photo Shoots - The Andrea Klarin Knack Takes Color Blocking to Another Level (GALLERY)

Bright Rainbow Photo Shoots

Tanya Katysheva by Pablo Estévez and Javier Belloso for Fashion Gone Rogue’s latest exclusive

Tanya Katysheva by Pablo Estévez & Javier Belloso in "Shades of Summer" for

Laffy Taffy by Adi Goodrich, via Behance

jucophoto: Our shoot, ‘Laffy Taffy' is now featured on Fashion Gone Rogue! How exciting to do shoots for funsies. Thank you Adi Goodrich for the super cool sets. this shoot rules so hard, so much genius.

girls swimwear against David Hockney inspired backdrop

Hockney's Pool

David Hockney’s Pool. “I think this is my favorite kids fashion editorial ever. It’s by Oliver Spies for Milk Magazine. When art and fashion and photography collide into one.