Beautiful ribbon embroidery featuring pansies, lily of the valley, and, I believe, forget-me-nots

Ribbon Embroidery

I keep thinking that these little embroidered ribbon scenes would make excellent framed pictured to make for my grandmother, mother, and future mother-in-law. / Фото #13 - Вышивка лентами 1 (2011) - Innetta / Фото #13 - Вышивка лентами 1 (2011) - Innetta

This rose is a wonderful example of variated ribbon used in embroidery.

Di van Niekerk is a professional fiber arts instructor, designer and author and she has her own range of silk/organza ribbons and printed panels for embroidery which are exported worldwide.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Tutorial - Lavender. usually done with french knots, this is different

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Lavender Lavender a flower quite often worked in Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Perfume Sachets, Pillows, gi.

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Monogram Ribbon Embroidery Pillow - so pretty! Absolutely stunning, and a great way to try out different ribbons and beads. Link to free monogram initials is somewhere else here on this boards.