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Kuroko no basket

13 ) from the story Our Life --- Kuroko no Harem ! ( Drop ) by __King__Rika__ (_ with reads.

I love this scene and the emotion and tensity in it..what manga is this?

There are three manga series that revolve around those characters (Yato and Hisako). The first is Kindan No Koi Wo Shiyou, the second is Zoki - Kindan no Koi Wo Shiyou, and the third (which is the longest in the collection of books) Kindan no Koi de Ikou.

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Well meant, but in an increasingly heated world, this better be some pretty light material

Futuristic Clothing

Also love how much bleaker the word futuristic has gotten. These folks are ready for an apocalypse, not shiny spires and togas.