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"Kierra" 5 piece Russian Nesting Dolls

"Kierra" 5 piece Russian Nesting Dolls

Yellow nesting dolls framed in red and accented with purple flowers. - handcrafted in Russia - 5 pieces - largest doll approx tall - made from linden wood

Super Kawaii Animal en autocollant japonais forme par beautifulwork, $3.98

mural idea Super Kawaii Animal in Matryoshka doll Shape Japanese sticker. via Etsy.

Fang Matryoshkas...Might lose a finger playing with these ;) #perpetualkid

Fang Matryoshkas

Fang Matryoshkas - I must admit, these fang matryoshkas are super-cute despite the fact that they are baring their sharp teeth at me. These fang matryoshkas are inspi.

Framed 1890s Alice in Wonderland in 2.5x3.5 inches  por piddix, $3.98

Scanned engravings from an original Alice in Wonderland book. This edition is the only one that Sir John Tenniel (the original Alice in Wonderland engraver) colored himself. Printables 778 by piddix.

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