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Adoptable : Card Symbol Outfits [CLOSED] by DrtzAdopt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

NO: Payment plans,HOLDS (send payment in 24 hours), Claim design as your own, Trades,Sending payment back MUST: Credit me when submitting a work about the bought outfit.

服装来不及画更多了感觉还不够过-怪胎。                                                       …

I had one of these types of kimonos for a commission. This would have been a great reference.

Я Художник

addiction bag boots brown eyes brown hair coat eyes closed fashion handbag hands in pockets ichikawa (addiction) idolmaster idolmaster cinderella girls jacket long hair mizumoto yukari pantyhose skirt smile umbrella - Image View -

[CLOSED] RPG Class Theme Outfit Adopt #30 by Black-Quose.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I don't know if you ever play as a gardener but in Emil Chronicle Online, I mostly play as a farmer : 3 I'm not a fighter type though : D RULES -First come, first serve -Do not edit your comment pl.