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I had one of these types of kimonos for a commission. This would have been a great reference.

From left to right: 1.1 150 OPEN 1.2 200 1.3 150 Second row: 2.1 150 2.2 150 2.3 100 OPEN PLEASE, FOR ANY QUESTION, SEND ME A NOTE TO MY MAIN ACCOUNT: NOT TO THIS ACCOUNT, C...

Hi guys this is my first story ever on wattpad so please dont judge me (Y/n):your name (E/c):eye color .

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I Found who made these official artwoks For Alicia! His/Her username is Tearfish, so cedit to them clothes artwork 2

Imagination world/Small helpers of Plant Goddess , Noon Goddess , Time Goddess , King's Adviser

I know this is chibi, but it's still matches close to the designs/patterns to the anime (style/ref.

TUTO - How to draw ears? by on @DeviantArt

Draw Pattern - drawingden: TUTO - How to draw ears? by the-evil-legacy - CoDesign Magazine