"Moe" is the soul of the anime otaku these days, translatable as the warm feeling you get when contemplating your favorite super-cute anime character. This is a great book with tons of examples of how to start from a blank sheet of paper and end up with your own amazing anime girl! Covers both personality and a broad range of emotions as well as character design. Japanese language, but easy to read illustrations that are very clear. 176 pages.

How To Draw Manga -- Moe Character no Kakiwake (Seikaku, Kanjo Hyogen)

Drawing tips. (possibly for chara from undertale)

Duality : Crying -Usually feel sad we are crying, When we really happy, we cry. Crying emotion is same, but feel is different.

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Dorkly Comic: Why Preparing for School is Like Preparing for a Boss Battle. Only Boss Battles can be fun.