HP+Avatar: Airbender= epiclly epic I just don't like how they made aang like peter.. that's a no no

Avatarded Marauders because I did really want to draw my loved mischiefs, but all my mind and ideas are kind of bubbled into The Legend of Korra and The Last airbender. so I figured I could do a crossover. Obviously, Sirius turned into fire bender, James

Draco Malfoy - Battle of hogwarts

me: * blood covers he boty her and others bloodier* draco: * lift up wand * me: * acted first expelomis his word flys in to her hand*. Draco: * tears fill his eyes* me: lots at him* Draco: * grad her in a hug*

lily a james anime - Hledat Googlem

The Marauders: James Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin, the most amazing friend group I could think of.