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{{ Fc: Thomas Brodie Sangster }} Good day everyone, I am Prince Luke, older brother to Evanna. I'm very protective over her. I'm and plan on leaving this kingdom for another one soon.

Thomas Brodie Sangster <3

Since Andrew Garfield is not going to play Marvel's Amazing Spider Man, I vote Thomas Brodie-Sangster to take his place.

Ha hhahahhahahha my mum would be like: *no.... no not again ........RUN.

My mom said that yesterday! Oh, don't know who this young man is? *pulls out hundred page notes and power point* Thomas Brodie-Sangster, born May <-- lol my little cousin asked me the same thing yesterday!

Thomas Brodie Sangster & Robbie kay// oh my gosh I'm seriously going to die, they are my two favorite actors of all time!!!! Oh. My. Goshhh.

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Favourite actors in one picture Thomas Brodie Sangster & Robbie kay<<<< ARE YOU SERIOUS? << no Thomas was edited into this picture, it was actually Robbie's friend

Thomas Sangster<<<< Hmm what happened to my pinkie nail I'll just nibble on it im hungry any ways lets drink sine water I'm thirsty too haha funny

"oh hi my nail" "I'll bite my nail I guess idk" "bite more" "looking off into the distance yay" "haha you said something I didn't hear. Oh well" "Heh" "I'm thirsty" "*chokes on water* I GET IT NOW HAHAHAHAHA"