030411 by on @deviantART

Speedpaint with some iridescent ink. C: Tools: watercolour, liquitex acrylic ink Thanks for looking!

hoshi by ~koyamori Traditional Art / Paintings / Illustration / Conceptual

Watercolour + ink + ps Thanks for looking~! Some daily scribble as Fan Expo prep eats away all the time.

sporific umbrella by

Watercolour scribble of a mushroom umbrella. Tools: watercolour, ballpoint pen, sharpie poster marker white Thanks for sporific umbrella

feasting on stars by

feasting on stars Commission for rangurage who requested a moon rabbit lunar new year theme. Sure have been a lot of dragon-esque pictures this year.

art by maruti-bitamin

maruti-bitamin: “植物グルメ A botanical gourmet I finished the cover for the second art book today!