Ordo Hereticus

Based on the Withcer games I decided to throw Geralt and the gang into the far future, Roach has been "upgraded" to a spaceship in an attempt to make him less self-destructive Geralt now has a Rail.

Adrian Smith   British Illustrator  His works reflect his unique style and character more pictures:

Adrian Smith British Illustrator His works reflect his unique style and…

Fantasy Flight Games [News] - The Making of an Inquisitor

The Making of an Inquisitor - Fantasy Flight Games

Well of Eternity

Skarbrand, the Exiled One vs Roboute Guiliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines

Librarian Colored by

Blood Angel Librarian By Adrian Smith

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Survivors in the Webway - Warhammer - Abaddon the Despiler's Black Crusade

Gorgeous piece from 40k

In the Emperor's Light by St Theo via DeviantArt

Deathwatch Terminator Veteran

Deathwatch by Daniel Kamarudin

DeathWatch Dark Angel and White Scar Battle Brothers fight back to back

Here's a recent piece I did for Fantasy Flight Games's Deathwatch series. Nick © Games Workshop under license to Fantasy F.

Psykers in 7th Edition - Psychic Disciplines Part One - Bell of Lost Souls

Psyker by Jonathan Kirtz JonathanKirtz

Imperial Entanglements by MajesticChicken

'Imperial Entanglements' by Majestic Chicken (DeviantArt) (Quixos battling Inquisitor Eisenhorn)

Tumblr_m3en0pFje01rq1yzso1_1280.jpg (720×490)

An Ultramarine Deathwatch member