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土屋光逸(Tsuchiya Kouitsu 1870ー1949)「梅鶯(Bush-warbler)」(1940)

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土屋光逸(Tsuchiya Kouitsu 1870ー1949)「梅鶯(Bush-warbler)」(1940)

Okoku Konoshima 木島桜谷 (1877−1938).

KONOSHIMA Okoku(木島櫻谷 Japanese, beautiful, the simple stillness.

petitpoulailler:    incenses: Ohara Koson (Japanese paint, printmaker; 1877-1945) ~ Woodblock Print

Two green peacocks on the bough of a flowering tree, 1910 by Ohara Koson. bird-and-flower painting

by: Ichiro Tsurato Japanese visual artist, was born in 1954 in the city of Hondo in Kumamoto Prefecture, Ichiro Tsuruta grew up in Kyushu's Amakusa Region, Japan.


Dragon ~ Master of Mystical Fire ~ is the oldest and wisest spirit-animal, illuminating collective unconsciousness through lightning.

Takahashi Shotei (1871-1945) | "Pagoda and Crows at Sunset"

"Pagoda and Crows at Sunset" by Takahashi Shotei Original Japanese Woodblock Print Date c. 1930 Size 15 x 6 inches

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Zhao Shao’ang(赵少昂 Chinese, A substantial amount of Chinese art is a combination of painting and line drawing.