Two words.... THIGH HOLSTER.  Mmmmf. :)

Future Dean and the sexy thigh holster. Am I the only person that got uncontrollably happy when I saw what an amazing jeep he drove? I mean, there is nothing sexier than Jensen Ackles driving a nice jeep!

@дневники — Избранное :: Спокойствие, только спокойствие!

@дневники — Избранное :: Спокойствие, только спокойствие!

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles - ok, hij kan mij krijgen...

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What do you think?

Those crazy-gorgeous teeth of & those crazy-gorgeous eyes.oh, what the hell! He's just crazy-gorgeous, period!

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural, Occult

Oh god my ovaries!! just... click for gif #Supernatural

His eyes. His eyes show his real face, you can see pain, love and . All the people are blindet by his beautiful face but no one looks behind his eyes