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illustration - Geometric vector animals are a stunning pet project / See more amazing work over.

[링가링가] 데꼴 여름간식 아찌미곰&펭귄 (마스코트, 미니어쳐, 피규어, 오너먼트) (자체배송) (LL) : 링가링가

[링가링가] 데꼴 여름간식 아찌미곰&펭귄 (마스코트, 미니어쳐, 피규어, 오너먼트) (자체배송) (LL) : 링가링가

Birds illustration - Caroline Alfreds

This design reminds me of the arts and crafts snowflakes you would make for Christmas, but with birds. I love the implementation of the simplistic feel, as it is simple but not boring.

Polar bear

Plain and simple, love the simplicity of the shapes and value used in this portrait. Image of Polar Bear Portrait-Lumadessa Studio by Josh Brill.