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Orange, Brown, Yellow, Gold And More

Autumn Orange - doesn't this picture make you want to take a deep breath in and smell the crisp autumn air. Great scenery & a great red barn❤

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20160120-DSC09830  三年坂から法観寺を望む  南禅寺の雲水さんが草鞋を履いて寒行托鉢に近在を回っていました。

20160120-DSC09830 三年坂から法観寺を望む 南禅寺の雲水さんが草鞋を履いて寒行托鉢に近在を回っていました。

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku - Japan   Tokyo is a city that excels in transporting you from the present right into the glowing heart of the future.  Most of its buildings are towering monuments of modernity constructed at what seems like a break-neck pace to house its ever-growing population.   And yet, if you search really hard, you can still find (slightly) hidden passages that reveal the Tokyo that rests in largely in the city’s memory.    Nestled amongst the buildings of…

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku - Japan Tokyo is a city that excels…

Amazing how straight these trees are planted. It looks like a runway.

“Autumn’s Cathedral” - Washington State by Joel deWaard. I LOVE when trees grow together over a path! Like walking/driving through a hug.

country road

So we have finally hit the fall season, (autumn) here in Sydney, but I like the word “fall” because it conjures up beautiful images of colourful leaves falling and carpeting the pavemen…

I love fall, too.

Autumn walk by Mike Shaw. I can just picture me and me mate walking down this road!