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Behind the scenes of SEVENTEEN in the album jacket pictorial for studio album “Teen, Age”!

Mingyu~ His presence and voice reminds me so much of Kai from exo :') <--- that's probably why I'm attracted to this guy lol


Mingyu - I wonder to what extent he really realizes how erotic his gaze is. and how handsome he is. to me he's in the top of men who have ever lived.

mingyu | seventeen

These five idols represent why the 97 line is emerging as the top class of male visuals - Koreaboo


Mingyu - His skin tone is perfection. I can't stand that some people make him self-conscious about it.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu - This is the first time I've actually felt attacked. I never quite got that fangirl phrase before, no matter how seductive they knew they were being. This time I did. I think he knows what a weapon he is.. god help us when he fully develops his powers.

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