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Broom bonsai-Hokidashi

This Japanese Maple Bonsai is aligned in the pot so that the top spread is over the pot. It does not have the trunk centered in the pot. It is slightly left of the center in order to have this proper alignment in the pot.

informal upright deciduous like JM with a softly curved trunk, oval pot, typically pale green, blue or beige glaze.

The pot is an important component of the Bonsai.


As opposed to the tree I posted before (this hawthorn), this maple got it all. I really like the pot, which contrasts nicely with the reddish hue of the buds at the tips of the.

Broom style branches With a formal, even crown Looks grand in winter

Because the Chinese Elm bonsai is easy to care for, indoors and out, it's a favorite. Beginners love it.

91° Kokufu Ten. Primera parte, del 4 al 8 de febrero 2017. Foto del blog del maestro William Valavanis. Para más información e imágenes siguelo en @williamnvalavanis y en su blog https://valavanisbonsaiblog.com/

2017 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition­– Part 1