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V will be brought down by nothing, not even an English language fail

AW tae tae gave jungkook a iron man figure something Ueje and jungkook looked shook then he threw the pooh? Plushie and took the iron man figure!so cute vkook.

Oh god fucking damnit kookie

This is why he needs his hyungs. They all are stupid without each other. When they come together, the stupidness somehow becomes derpy and cute

#V || #BTS #BangtanBoys

basically the moral of the story is to rap your favourite verse over and over again till u get to switch bodies with said rapper

The little punk literally changed from "hi guys" to, "call me daddy.

Taekook really love their chicken

Taekook really love their chicken >>> also, is taetae wearing an eyemask on his head

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BTS Genius Leader

I might have good grades but I'll never achieve true rapmon (although I did get the days in month one)<<IQ 148 wasn't kidding damn namjoon

BTS || Jungkook || Jimin

Manager-nim knows wats up. This noona melts when she sees Jimin n Jungkook