*⋆wιтн yoυr love noвody can drag мe down⋆*

❝:tʜᴇrᴇ's so mƲcʜ ʜɪstᴏry ɪn thᴇsᴇ strᴇᴇts:

(Be the girl, she lives in the city,  and likes plants) Some people don't think the supernatural is real. They say, no way is there a ghost in the garden, no way is there a siren that went to my college before, and they roll their eyes when I tell them there's a vampire in my attic..oh how they were wrong.

Early Morning by Amidstsilence


it was odd to see One of Them

Visual Dose: September 2015 at


Virink artwork from Alena Aenami (

이상한동거(주니어 김영사) by 파이 on

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Eljin Suzuki (1985)

Topboy shampoo & spray rinse print advertisement by Eizin Suzuki, 1985

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Udvalgt til Moebius / Jean Giraud


let's seal ourselves inside tonight, share a gaze until street lights blink on outside

Eguchi Hisashi | Tumblr

Eguchi Hisashi | Tumblr