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((May I present you to Alfred Freakingadorable [I think that's what the F. stands for] Jones, the best thing that ever happened in Hetalia.

fruk *dying* XD look at the butt iggy looooooooooookkkkk

Hetalia - Arthur Kirkland [England] x Francis Bonnefoy [France] - FrUK

hetalia BTT and shots I love how baby little Sye is going crazy on Frace and Prussia looks just as scared xD

XD Hetalia Prussia, Germany, Romano, Spain, France and Seychelles at the doctor


America walked down the street of New York City. Request: America and New York

Hetalia - America❤

Hey… by うずら - Hetalia - America / Alfred F. Jones- He's so cute when he blushes.

Japan, Hetalia

Japan, Hetalia

I believe I can fly!

Small child why do you give me these flutter y feels in my chest too sweeet tooo sweet cinnamon bun for this world