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lauren-salgado: Arrows on arrows on arrows. Drawn with microns in my little red moleskine. I absolutely love these arrows. It's so bohemian and I consider it as a future tattoo!

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I would change it too nothing kills a person more then there own thoughts but that's just me>>no this is a song lyric by twenty one pilots, Trapdoor I think>>wavesofpoetry

Los seres humanos son los mounstros reales.

svnddlsnts: “ Drawlloween 2016 Day 25 - Monster ” [£] Considering they're the things that literally invented the concept of evil, yes.


"inside" by GorchakovArtem {butterflies in cavity anatomy surrealism illustration}

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Like i said invite people, be active dont be a dick. I'll post the differeences any questions ask me. Have atleast one of both no nutrals