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IKEA \ Portaloo stunt in Milan.    Nice to put a surprise on people's faces, memorable.

During the Milan's main interior design exhibition, IKEA has arranged a candid camera in a fake TOI TOI toilet.

Fast Lane - The Shopping Carts. Carro de la compra-Monopatín.mp4

Fast Lane -The shopping carts - driven by fun. Some carts are pimped with a skateboard. Up for some extra shopping fun? By Volkswagen

Vending machine dispenses Jello to Adults only - detects and rejects kids

Scram, Kids: New Vending Machine Dispenses Pudding to Adults Only

Nike Golf 360° mobile application. Still only available on iTunes, but Nike Golf promises to come out with Android version. From now on, we can use this app also in Europe.

Luring Nike Golf iPhone app

NIKE digital develops apps creating added value for sportsmen by tracking individual performance data.

Super cool (pardon the pun) tactic by McDonald's in Canada

McDonald's Makes You Work for Dollar Coins Embedded in Ice

McDonald's Dollar Drink Days with frozen dollar coins in the ice!

#CannesLions 2012 Gold Outdoor: LEGO BUILDERS OF SOUND

Cannes Lion 12 - Gold Direct - Lego "Builder of sound" Lego pieces placed on an barel in a way that turning the barel the pieces enter in contact with a mechanic piano and play the star wars song

Find a new home and test-drive a Nissan in just one click! TBWA created a new media format that matches your home, budget, neigbourhood, and family size with the right Nissan for your soon-to-be driveway.

Nissan Dubai - Househunter Test-Drive - let people moving to the area test drive Nissans while looking at houses.