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Concept Louis Vuitton waffle maker adds a touch of class to the breakfast table. Ok now this is funny!

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The Electric Uno Electric Uno, designed by old Ben Gulak, is completely controllable through the body movements.

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The Mermaid Shot Glass is a great gift for those who love serving in extraordinary and eye-catching glasses. Pour your favorite drink and watch the tail pop

Pistol Egg Fryer

With this Gun Egg Fryer, your eggs will finish up with a bang! Spruce up plain old eggs by pouring them into this bangin’ gun mold to make a breakfast to die for.

Sunnyside is fun way to make decorative eggs. No more boring breakfast for your kids. Its a simple silicon cloud-shaped tool to shape egg in frying pan. Easier than frying a regular egg.

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Funny pictures about Cow Milk Pitcher. Oh, and cool pics about Cow Milk Pitcher. Also, Cow Milk Pitcher photos.

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Logitech's new Keyboard switches between computer, phone and tablet. The idea behind the is that if you were to be composing an email on a tablet or computer, you could then switch to your phone automatically say if you recieved a text.

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Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair create cut paper shadow boxes, illuminated with battery powered lights. amazing graphic illustration style fantasy landscape paper art sculpture work of these artists is breathtaking shadow box play