Mosque in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

islamic-art-and-quotes: “ Door at al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Madinah, Saudi Arabia) “محمد رسول الله” “Center calligraphy reads Muhammad rasul Allah (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, from Quran, Surat al-Fath ”

Mosaics - Islamic Art And Architecture    obscurity of the scale and detail that went into the piece of architect but at the same time the angle the photograph has been taken it shows panoramic effect vertically

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque - Shiraz, Iran i love the tall structural beams within the space and the pattern which flows from the floor to the walls up to the ceiling

These Tings Take Time

Beautiful Tile Art from the shrine of famous Sufi Saint - Hazrat Sachal Sarmast located in village Daraza of district Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan. This tile work from Pakistan is famously known as "Kashi-gari".

Inside of the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia / Hats off to the blessed people who maintain this mosque 24/7

Inside view of the Phophets Mosque, Madīnah, Saudi Arabia - Muhammad Prophet of Islām is buried here.

Details, details...Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, UK, photo by Gabó via Flickr.

Canterbury Cathedral (Kent, England) been here. It is an amazing and humbling experience.the stunning architecture is really something to see.

House Styles Around the World #Infographic #infografía

Infographic: 21 interesting house styles from around the world! This slideshow shows some typical house styles from different parts of the world. This can help students understand how other people around the world live.