GEO to Skull to Flower ratio. I dont like the skull at all.but just the flow of this. No specific element here would I want in mine.

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Skull turning into a butterfly. Finding inner beauty and strength. The dark ugly and the bright and beautiful. (Black&white on skull into vibrant orange and hues of yellow for the butterfly)

'Owlifly' by Sanna Wieslander -- I know this is kind of a different direction, but i actually really like this if it was possible to do still keeping it smaller

Owlifly is completely drawn by hand with graphite pencils and markers and then printed on art paper of the finest quality. and cm are printed on multi natural design paper g) and the bigger posters and cm on Fine linen cott

Diggin sugar skulls

Definitely one of the better sugar skull tats I've seen. Nice to see a relatively accurate skull, and the flower detail is balanced well, Thinking of making this (a flower skull) part of my half sleeve idea :) but a bit smaller