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sculpture inspired by nature에 대한 이미지 검색결과

sculpture inspired by nature에 대한 이미지 검색결과

kaizen journey: outdoor sculpture

Not just installation art but planted, growing art. Alapuolella maa - The ground beneath by Finnish artist Jaakko Pernu

Beautiful Stones Bowerbird nest... a beautiful arrangement of stones by hue.  Bowerbirds are amazing artists!

Stacked, broken, and scratched pebbles become works of art with the imagination and touch of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Circle of Stones Andy Goldsworthy…

Andy Goldsworthy

Stacked Stone Wall Texture - Andrew Goldsworthy / Souls & Stonesmyself from work and life.

Let's Nest, Hsin-Huang

Ecofriendly gallery in Taiwan wetland.must withstand typhoons! Next exhibit opens May.

archatlas:  Indefinite Mandy Barker  “Discarded debris found along the shore and having existed for varying amounts of time in the sea collectively convey a message about the marine environment. The images combine visual beauty with the message of pollution and the time it takes them to biodegrade in the sea.”

30 Years <br> <br>(PVC - Corals are destroyed when discarded fishing equipment, such as overalls, gloves, damaged lobster pots and nets drag along the ocean floor. <br>Coral reefs provide home for lots of species, most of which are also affected).