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What Type of Bender Are You? (Legend of Korra)

What Type of Bender Are You? (Legend of Korra)

element-of-change: Fan art - The Legend of Korra Opening: Four Avatars

So many parallels. Last of their race, always seem to be facing the end of the world, same person reincarnated over and over in different forms.

Aang is the doctor oh noes by ~Doodle-Master


Brave Soldier Boy by Ceshira. "Leaves from the vine, falling so slow. Like fragil tiny shells drifting in the flow. Little solder boy, comes marching home. Big brave solder boy comes marching home.

Grown-up Aang

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Texas Uber Alles

Aang from Avatar the last Airbender. Calligraphy is “harmony” the accompanying virtue of the Air benders.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Anime Manga Watercolor Print Poster Aang Katara Zuko Toph Korra

AVATAR COLLECTION 01 - Aang by MarcelPerez on DeviantArt #Avatar #The_Last_Airbender

h characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Legend of Korra! I’m open to suggestions!

Avatar Kinect, Id buy it

Avatar Kinect, I'd buy it

Funny pictures about Avatar Kinect. Oh, and cool pics about Avatar Kinect. Also, Avatar Kinect.

Aang and Katara as adults

Kataang family bits - Aleina-chan - Aang, Katara and little Kya, Bumi and Tenzin